Advantages of Magento ERP Integration

  By     |   December 8th, 2015

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software that most of the businesses are implementing now to enhance their productivity and performance. Magento ERP integration offers lot of benefits for your eCommerce users and developers. If your eCommerce website is not integrated with the ERP then it is not considered as you are using a complete package. Magento ERP integration is simple and stable, fast and superb eCommerce solution. It helps you to take control your web store.

In the previous article we discussed about the Top Guidelines to Develop Ecommerce Websites. Now we are going to discuss about the Magento openERP integration for users and developers. Magento OpenERP business tool offers you a complete web based ERP solutions. The most popular plug-in for openERP are OpenERP Magento connector, OpenERP QuickBooks integration and so on. Here is some of the advantages of Magento ERP integration for users and developers.

Less Physical Effort

Magento ERP integration is very quick in performance and easy to work. It is simple in design. OpenERP and Tryton are the two ecommerce solutions in which the Magento integrates with very ease and simple. Its properties and modules helps the developers to make the best services and user experience to their customers by implementing their ability.

Shipping Integration

Magento ERP integration has the capacity to undertaking orders without any imperfection. It is well organized and accurate in fulfilling the orders for the customers with more efficiency. It has the capability to integrate shipping providers like FedEx, UPS & USPS with the ERP system. With the help of this Magento ERP integration the customers have getting their product delivery easily.

Easy Accounting Procedure

With the Magento ERP integration the accounting will never be complicated. It makes the complex calculation simple and makes the payment process perfect and quickly without any complication. It helps the entrepreneur to focus on business without wasting time in complex calculation. And it also helps the business owners to analyze sales by a single click and it helps to make the business owners to make their business efficient than ever.

Multiple Currency and Company

Magento ERP integration helps you to manage multiple currency and company handling, It becomes easy to manage number of currencies and multiple companies from one single tool. It helps the business owners to make different charts of account for each company you are using.

Sales Channel Management

This Magento ERP integration offers you a better sales channel management and also lets the users to know whether the searched product is available or not. It also helps to integrate with some other sales channels like Amazon, eBay & Play. Also allows a multi channel approach if the product is not in your eCommerce store.


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