Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

  By     |   January 29th, 2016

Digital Marketing Trends is frequently changing, We know that the online marketing is complex when we aren’t up to date with the new trends. The new trends and change can be difficulty but it is important to change the marketing techniques according to the new trends, otherwise the digital marketing may not be work effectively to get you the best result. In this article we are going to discuss about the New Digital Marketing Trends in 2016, Which would help you to get more returns from your business.

In the previous article we discussed about the Top SEO Trends in 2016 and How SEO could be effectively working on your eCommerce website. Here we are discussing about some Top Digital Marketing Trends that would definitely works in 2016. These digital marketing tips helps you to stay your business a step ahead. Here is the top digital marketing trends:


Videos is the key factor of digital marketing, It is not a new digital marketing techniques but it works more prominently in 2016. Now Google are going to introduce videos in the search engine result page (SERP). This is a notable process that would helps the video digital marketing to grasp more customers to your business. We know that video explains more than written content and studies show that more people are interested in watching video than reading the whole content. Video ads is one of the major digital marketing trends in 2016.

Social Media

Studies show that more than 70 percent of companies are spending more time on social media for digital marketing plan. And this would work better than any other marketing technique. We know that more and more people are using social media channels now for different purpose, Creating social media ads in different social media channels would definitely attract more customers to your business and definitely have an increase in your sales or service.

Mobile Revolution Increases

We know that mobile revolution is increasing day by day, Digital marketers should take considering this in serious and market your business for mobile platform. It would helps you to get the return on investment or increase in the revenue. Mobile focused online marketing would definitely drive traffic to your business. This mobile marketing will help marketers to create loyal customers and thus you can provide them the best personalized services.

Adopting Apps

2016 will be the year of App adoption for business owners because google are now indexing apps that displays in the search engine page but the ranking factor of Apps is some complex. Business owners will get idea of the Apps visibility in online. We know that mobile optimized site is the trend in online but the Apps will replace the mobile optimized site and provide a better and powerful user experience. The Apps can be more convenient and accessible than the websites and can do everything that websites do. So in the coming years mobile optimized websites will be replaced with the Apps.

Interactive content

Interactive content works better than the formal content, Creating interactive content like asking a question that would be puzzled would encourage the user to answer the questions and also they will share it with their friends for getting the answers. This types of interactive content would be helpful for marketing. In 2016 interactive content may work better with better engaging with the users and this unique method would make personalized interaction with the users.

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