Holiday Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Websites

  By     |   December 22nd, 2015

Holidays sales are the most important time for online retailers across the country, Not only the online retailers but also the physical retailers. This is the best time for marketing your eCommerce website to generate more sales. In this article we are going to discussing about the “Holiday Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Websites”. There should be definitely an increase in revenue during the holiday period and some of the companies can produce about 50% of their annual income during the holidays.

In the previous article we discussed about the “Top Tips to increase Ecommerce Site Speed” and now here we are discussing about the marketing tips for an eCommerce website during holidays. Make your customers a new experiences in these holidays, which will definitely drive traffic to your ecommerce website and increase in the revenue. Let’s discuss some top tips for marketing ecommerce website in holidays:

Highlight your Offers and Discounts

Make sure that your special offers and discounts are featured on your website home page, Make attractive images in the home page, new keywords and optimize the home page, this would help the customers to find your business in search results. Another main marketing tips is the posting in social media. Before the holidays starts you must frequently post your special offers and discounts in the top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.

Linking these posts back to your eCommerce website will flourish your website by driving more traffic to your website and can get more enquiries and order through these social media sites.

Make Website Loads Quickly

Slowing down eCommerce website should definitely loss lot of revenue. Make your website completely loads within 3 to 5 seconds. Well designed website is important for attracting customers but by making more interactive it may slow downs the pages and definitely a chance for losing customers. Having a slow-loading product page is a great abandon for your website. According to studies it is clear that 60 % of visitors will leave your website if your website loads within 4 to 5 seconds and 80% of the visitors will not return to your website.

Make your website loads faster to make your holiday sale better than ever to get the complete ROI from a single holiday sale.

Optimize Website for Mobile

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile for this holiday seasons, then you will miss a lot of customers from your eCommerce website. Make your eCommerce website responsive that will help your customers to shop products from any devices like laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphones. Provide your customers a good online experiences if they are browsing your website via any other mobile devices rather than Desktop/Laptop. If you doesn’t make your website responsive for mobile devices, then make it fast and make sure the website is working properly on any mobile devices.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Making the checkout process simple will help you to reduce the abandonment rate in shopping cart. The studies says that the abandonment rate in holiday season would increase up to 70% because of the complexity of the checkout process. Make the checkout process very easy this would definitely have a chance to increase in sales and also drive more sales to your eCommerce website. Too much steps in checkout process is really an abandonment process.  

Offer Free Shipping

According the studies it is clear that free shipping leads to generate more sales in all eCommerce website. During the holiday season  offer your customers a free shipping process, No doubt it definitely drive more sales to your eCommerce websites. If you are providing free shipping then the customers are ready to wait additional two or three days for delivery and most of the customers need free returns to make more purchases.

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