Important Elements To Apply In Your Ecommerce Product Page

  By     |   November 27th, 2015

One of the important lead for conversion is the product page, The success and conversions to an eCommerce website mainly depend on its product page. In most eCommerce website users spend more time in visiting the product page. So we must make the product page perfect, Simply we can say that Product page is the soul of an eCommerce website. In this article we are going to discuss about the “Important Elements to Apply in your Ecommerce Product Page”.

In the previous article we discussed about the top ecommerce strategies for 2016 and new marketplaces for an ecommerce website. We know that best user experience makes the customers coming back and also drive new customers to our eCommerce website. For making the best user experience for your customers we need to implement some important elements to your eCommerce product page. Some of the top elements are described here:

Responsive Pages

Make your product pages responsive with fast loading, otherwise it will kills the conversions and also kills traffic to your eCommerce website. Responsive pages helps customers to shop products through different portable devices like laptop, tablet, smart-phone, etc.

Descriptive Product Description

Make descriptive product description for your product and make sure to include keywords in the description, this will helps the product page to rank higher in search engine.

Make attractive CTA Buttons

Make all the call to action (CTA) button stand-out from others. Try to attract customers by making attractive call to action buttons (CTA). If you are using text link in some cases make sure to get the attention from viewers.

important-elements to apply in your product page

High Quality Product Image

Use high quality product image in the product page. We know that pictures says more than text, If possible try to provide a zoom feature of the product from different angles. This images would give a complete idea about the product what the customer is going to buy.

Detailed Video of the Product

Videos works more effective than the pictures. Try to make a short video that describes your product. Many eCommerce website are using videos to improve user experience and customer satisfaction

Make Simple Product Pages

Always make your product pages simple and informative, please don’t push lot of information in the product page it may convey visitors to get confused and left the page without purchasing the product

Product Reviews and Testimonials

According to the detailed study it is clear that more than 61% of customers read reviews before making a purchase through online. Ask to the people about your product then they can write write reviews about your products and this would definitely helps your new visitors to make the purchase.

Product Search Function

It is a search bar with an option to search related products, It must be provided to the customers to help them to find the apt product for customer’s need.

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