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Is The Optimization of eCommerce Websites Too Crucial?

  By     |   July 2nd, 2019

The internet revolution has changed this world a lot. Now for everything, people are highly dependent on the internet. Life without the internet is really difficult at present. Such are the services provided by the internet. It’s simplicity and comfortability are the main reasons for people heavily depending on it. From simple browsing to serious money transactions, the facilities offered by the internet cannot be expressed in words. The growth of the internet has led to many other features and eCommerce is one among them. People with a lack of knowledge about eCommerce will be rare. ECommerce is the process of purchasing or selling products online or through the internet. As this process is riskless, many people have turned to ECommerce and as a result, many online companies came into the market. If this trend continues, offline shopping will be just a dream in the coming future. Such is the impact made by eCommerce all around the globe. This article is all about eCommerce, its impact, its advantages and its possibilities in South Africa.

Impact of eCommerce

Imapact of eCommerce

E-Commerce has completely changed the business world. Acquiring everything through the internet at any time, anywhere has really affected the business of established enterprises who were enjoying a great success before the arrival of eCommerce. As a result, they too are forced to shift their business to online with the help of an eCommerce web developing company. Why should you waste your time when your favorite product is just one click away in your device? Yes, eCommerce has a terrific impact on the business world. They are conquering the world like a boss. Today for a business to defend their supremacy, an online entity is mandatory. Physical shops are proceeding through a scary phase due to the eCommerce revolution and they can only thrive if they do something online.

E-Commerce is the best solution for startups. Low investment is enough to begin a startup. With the help of eCommerce, startups can grow very fastly and can gain huge returns. See how profitable it is. eCommerce is becoming such an asset in all aspects. On the other hand, if you have to begin a shop, how much you have to invest? To construct a building for the shop or to adopt a building for rent itself requires a huge amount. Not only that you have to buy products from wholesalers you have to advertise. Pheww!! A humungous amount will be lost and you have to work hard and hard to get it back. The idea of business through physical shops was a great success long years back, but now it is not the same situation. eCommerce has changed everything and even for those having shops requires online facilities to go through.

Why Should We Optimize eCommerce Website?

As mentioned above eCommerce is dominating the whole universe. So that more and more eCommerce companies are coming forward with great confidence. As eCommerce is having a tremendous run, eCommerce websites should also do their job perfectly. Till now they have been delivering well and as a result of that fantastic work, eCommerce is on top. Hard work pays and eCommerce website Optimization is a nice example of it. Hence eCommerce websites are very much crucial for the successful run of eCommerce. Let’s see the changes that occurred in business strategies due to the terrific success of eCommerce.

Decreasing returns to scale, an economic theory that went wrong: Decreasing returns to scale is a crucial law in Economics. This law states that all businesses cannot grow profitably forever. But eCommerce proved this wrong. eCommerce is having a fantastic run since it’s release and is getting back huge returns. The main reason for this is the stability, flexibility, and consistency of eCommerce companies. They had completely taken the attention and interest of people with their “any time anywhere” strategy which is the most crucial success behind eCommerce

  • eCommerce made businesses affordable to all: Earlier, to start a business we need to invest a huge amount. But this is not the case in eCommerce. Minimal investment is more than enough to start an eCommerce company and we can gain huge returns if we work with good stability and consistency
  • Small business owners gain huge profits: Before the arrival of eCommerce, the situation of the small business owners was really critical. They were limited to certain markets and had only a very small profit. But with the arrival of eCommerce, this situation has altered. Now small business owners can cooperate with popular online companies and can gain good returns which makes their lives easier than before
  • 24 hours business: In physical shops, there is a certain time for business. We cannot depend on the shops every time. Just think if we have an emergency, what will we do? eCommerce gives you the answer to this. As eCommerce business is through the internet, you can purchase at any time and also no matter where you are. This 24 hours business is one of the most crucial factors for the huge success of eCommerce
  • The size of the company is no longer matters:  Earlier to make a business successful, we need a large office with many staff. So that small business owners and dealers had to face huge competition and were really difficult for them. But eCommerce has a solution for this one also. Selling products online does not require a huge company and numerous staff. The hard work and sincerity of a few people are enough
  • The rise of digital marketing: Earlier businesses were only possible through the conventional method. But with the arrival of eCommerce, businesses cannot be carried out through the conventional method alone. Today if a customer needs a product, then he/she will have a detailed search online and will decide whether to purchase it or not. Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media Optimization are some of the important ideas done by businesses to reach people throughout the globe
  • No middlemen involved: Another advantage of eCommerce is the elimination of middlemen. Earlier to get a business, we have to depend a lot on vendors and have to pay a huge amount for them. But eCommerce provides a platform to connect directly with the customers in a simple one-on-one process. Magneto, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. are eCommerce companies with this feature. Another advantage here is that no middlemen mean we can earn a nice profit

Hence to defend all these advantages, we need to optimize our eCommerce websites. eCommerce websites should always be effective to make the customers happy and engaged.

eCommerce in South Africa

South Africa is also known as the “Rainbow Nation” is one of the countries with a great eCommerce run. South Africa is ranked as the 30th richest country by the World Bank GDP. Currently, there are 18.43 Million eCommerce users in South Africa. By 2021, it is expected to become 6.36 Million. The leading online product category in South Africa is Electronics and Media followed by Furniture and Appliances. Another product that the South Africans love is fast food and hence the popularity of Mr. D Food and UberEats. Another research suggests that the majority of the online shoppers shop in evening and night times. The advantage of online shopping in South Africa is that people shops all the time, which is terrific. The top importing country to South Africa is China followed by Germany, The US, Nigeria, and India. Social networks also play a crucial role in the successful run of eCommerce in South Africa especially Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram. According to a research, most online shoppers in South Africa prefer Credit Card (45%) to purchase online followed by Debit Card (21%), Bank Transfer (20%), PayPal (7%) and Others (8%). All this clearly proves that the eCommerce revolution in South Africa is having a great impact and will have more in the coming future.


E-Commerce is having a great successful run all over the globe at present. Conventional business is going through a ferocious stage and is likely to have an online website for their existence. Earlier, if we are in need of a product, we have to search for its details in newspaper ads, Television Ads, etc. It was really difficult to search for all those details at that time due to the lesser facilities we have. But today, if we require a product we will first search google and yes that is the growth and success of eCommerce. In the coming days, eCommerce will surely dominate the whole world and it will be a real help for people. Yes, conventional business is still on but most of them also have an eCommerce website and that proves how much success eCommerce has brought. As the competition increases website should be SEO friendly. For that, the SEO Company in South Africa will help to increase sales by reaching your customers in the region. In the coming days, it is sure that conventional businesses cannot exist alone. eCommerce has been doing a magnificent job till now and let’s hope they will do the same tomorrow.

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