Magento vs WooCommerce

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Magento and Woocommerce are the most widely used eCommerce platform in the online industry. For developing an eCommerce website the business owners and developers are choosing Magento or WooCommerce because of its features. Both the platform have unique features and functionality. It is not an easy task to determine the best eCommerce features among these two platforms for your store. These two have unique features and apt for different needs. let us evaluate about these two platforms Magento vs WooCommerce.

In the previous post we discussed about the Advantages of Magento ERP Integration. Now here we are discussing about the two mostly used eCommerce platforms Magento and Woocommerce. To build a robust and scalable eCommerce website you must seek accordance with any one of these platform, Magento or WooCommerce.

Hosting Requirements

For developing an eCommerce website you must have to choose the best hosting provider which offers you a great performance and large disk space. Magento have lot of features and more complexible than Woocommerce and it consumes a large disk space. Woocommerce is a small plugin on CMS platform that consumes only less disk space and load faster. It means the requirements needed for hosting is less compared to Magento. So it is better to adopt Woocommerce than Magento, if you don’t need any more features. WooCommerce can load your website more faster than magento and it also ensures better User experiences.

Setup and Customizing

Woocommerce is very easy to setting up, customizing and maintaining. WordPress as the framework for your WooCommerce website helps you make the setting up and customization easy. It have a great admin panel which helps the users to do everything they need within short span of time. But when comparing Woocommerce with Magento, Magento needs more knowledge and skills to setting up and customizing it because it provides lot of features more than Woocommerce and it more scalable than the WooCommerce.

To develop an eCommerce website with Magento platform is not that much easy, But no matter how it is difficult to maintain because it provides you the best result for your eCommerce website. Provide you the best highly scalable, robust and feature-rich ecommerce websites

Platform vs Plugin

Magento is an eCommerce platform while Woocommerce is a plugin on CMS platform. These two options were used to develop an eCommerce websites. Magento is the complete eCommerce platform which provide the excellent function and framework to develop an eCommerce website. Woocommerce is a plugin used on CMS platform which can be used for developing eCommerce platform with the help of WordPress framework. Magento have more features than the Woocommerce, thus Magento need more funds to maintain than Woocommerce.

If you have not enough fund to back up your eCommerce project then you can use Woocommerce to build your eCommerce website. Otherwise if you need more features and more flexible eCommerce website then you can adopt Magento eCommerce platform.

Number of Products and Complexity

Woocommerce is very easy to setup and customize but it can only support a limited number of products, so Woocommerce is better for small eCommerce website which have only limited number of products. Magento is one of the powerful eCommerce platform with number of features in it. It have the ability to run multiple eCommerce store from a single backend. Magento is more advanced than Woocommerce and can manage thousand of products which have different variations.

Depending on the website size and complexity you can choose which platform is better for your eCommerce website. Each platform Magento and Woocommerce has its own merits and demerits. If you need to develop an eCommerce website and have no idea about these platform, then contact us now and we will give the best eCommerce solution for your website.


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