Necessary Modules to Start an eCommerce Business in South Africa

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We have already discussed the common goals of an E-Commerce website, specifications, and milestones for E-Commerce business in South Africa. Is that enough to start an E-Commerce business in South Africa and make a success? No. Unless we implement some more crucial factors, we cannot start an eCommerce business in South Africa and those crucial factors are discussed here in our final blog.

Essential Modules Required to run an Initial Website

To implement a successful eCommerce website, some modules are very essential. Those eCommerce Web designing modules are listed below:

  • Admin Interface
  • Front End

Admin Interface:

An administrator is necessary for any business. Because, if you need to taste success in this field, first of all, the organizing process should be well made and perfect. So you need a perfect administrator to organize and handle your business very well. In the case of the website too, the same is required. The administrator of the website should be able to handle and manage the website consistently. If you succeed in that, you can proudly tell that your Admin Interface (BackEnd)is exceptional.

The Admin Interface should contain the following:

Dashboard: A dashboard is an information management tool that enables you to visualize the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and other key factors of your company. KPI is a measurable value that can be used to assess a company’s business objectives so that they can realize their strengths as well as weaknesses. If there is any weak link in your business, you can rectify too. Hence KPI is a crucial factor in any business.

User Management: As the name indicates, user management is the process of managing and handling your user store. It is the method by which you can create, remove and maintain your user store. User Management is a process that should be executed with great care and planning.

Content Management: Content Management is the process of creating, editing, organizing and publishing content. The content which you build on your website regarding your business should be of high quality. Don’t forget to shape the content in short as the majority of people are not at all interested in reading long content. Content Management is a very crucial part of your business and so that it should be handled decently.

Category Management: Category Management is a strategic end-to-end process for buying and selling goods and services. It maximizes long term value for an E-Commerce company. Here, the products purchased and sold by a company is divided into several groups and these groups are called product categories. You should be able to handle, maintain and manage these categories and this is called category management.

Product Management: Product management is a crucial part of your E-Commerce business. For an E-Commerce business to be a success, the quality of the product is a must. If you succeed in that, then your business will conquer many heights. Product Management is the process of planning, forecasting, production and marketing of a product by a company.

Order Management: Order Management is another vital part of your E-Commerce business. Order management is the process of taking orders from a customer and delivering the product ordered by that customer at the correct time. This also includes keeping the history of a customer consisting of their purchase history, payment method and other details. If the order is not completed in time, it can negatively affect your business. So to reach in a good position, you should handle and manage each order you get in a customer-friendly way.

Reports: The report should include all the business details that your company has done during a specific period. A sales report is the main part. It includes the details of all the calls that have been made and the products that had been sold by your company in the period. These reports are really helpful for your eCommerce business as it will show the business performance. So that you can clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. As a result, you can boost your strength and eradicate your weakness

Export and Import Products: When you are involved in an eCommerce business, you have to deal with importing and exporting of products. In exporting, you may have to sell products to other countries and in importing you have to receive products offered by other countries as well. You should ensure that the product quality is still the same as exporting and importing. But, it is not that easy process. These two processes should be handled and managed with great care and perfection.

Customer Management: Customer is the king of any business. So, to succeed in business, customer management should be handled very well. The relationship with the customer should be maintained without any failure. In some cases, you should provide offers and discounts to the customers so that they will access your company again and will become a regular customer. That is why every company treat their customers very well. A business cannot succeed without having a proper customer management solution.

Shopping Cart and Catalog Rules Management: When you hear the word “shopping cart”, the first thing flashing into your mind will be the pulling trolleys in a supermarket that is used to put the products we purchase. Yes, the shopping cart which we use for online shopping is also the same but with some advanced features. In online shopping, a shopping cart is a software that enables you to deposit the products you want, review them to make adjustments in quantity and finally you can also remove any product if you think you don’t want it. A shopping cart is key to your eCommerce business. So it should be designed well with advanced features and the customers should be able to manage it with ease.

In catalogue price rules, you can offer your products for a discounted price which will make customers happy and satisfied. This process of managing and handling the catalogue price rules is called catalogue rules management.

Shipping and Payment Configuration: Shipping and payment, both are very important factors in your eCommerce business. An online shopping process will only be completed if the shipping is done perfectly. Shipping is the process of sending products ordered by the customers and it will be completed only when the customer receives the product. Shipping should be done with on time. Just imagine if the product sent by your company didn’t reach in time, then how will the ordered customer feel? Or if the product loses its quality due to your poor shipping process, what will be the situation? The customer will surely lose faith in your business. Like examinations, you will not get a second chance to prove your worth. So, the administrator should give great importance to the shipping process.

Another crucial part is the payment section. There are several methods of payment in an E-Commerce business and the main one is the card payment(Credit/Debit card). Cash on delivery is also a good mode of payment. Hence, both online and offline payment should be inculcated. The payment strategy should be done according to the easiness of customers and should not disturb or irritate the customers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module: Multi-Vendor marketing can gain you enormous advantages. In multi-vendor marketing, multiple vendors or sellers come together to sell their products online moreover you can achieve more profit through it. Multi-vendor marketing allows customers to select from a large variety of listings. Also, it creates website traffic and turns into an asset for your E-Commerce business. Hence the process of multi-vendor marketing is very important.

Blog: A blog is another way of acquiring public interest. The blog that you write on your website should be short and managed interestingly. Remember, the majority of people are not that interested in reading long content and such blogs may be a failure and also leads to negative thinking in customers. Another important thing is the keyword. Try to include more keywords in your blog that people are likely to search and if you succeed in that your website can attain website traffic. Blogs should be posted on a consistent basis maintaining a gap between each.

Gift Card: A gift card can bring a lot of benefits to your eCommerce business. If you provide customers with good gift card offers, customers will be satisfied and this can earn you huge positive reviews

Front End:

You should know what are the things to be included when an eCommerce Website Development in South Africa happens:

Homepage: When a person opens your website, the first thing that he/she will see is your home page. So the home page should be perfect in all aspects. First of all, it should be attractive. So that a person viewing your website will get impressed and stay on the page. If your website is not so attractive, the majority of people will surely lose interest in your website and may even stop viewing it later. Secondly, the contents and details should be arranged in the correct order. It should be precise and clear. So that people never get bored of reading it. That is, the home page is so important and it should be perfect with all that a customer expected to discuss

Catalogue Pages: In the catalogue page, you should inculcate the pictures and details of your crucial products which customers can view quickly. Remember, don’t implement in a mixed manner. Divide all your products into different categories and then list them. The catalogue page should be neat and perfect so that the customers can access it easily.

Product Details Pages: As the name indicates, in this section you should show the details of all the available products in your company. Remember, this is the page containing all your products. So it should be inculcated in a neat and tidy manner. Try to include beautiful pictures of your products and the specifications of the products should be written in a precise manner. If this process is not done with perfection, it can harm your business.

Shopping Cart: In an online shopping website, shopping cart usually appears on the top right of the screen. So, no need to change that strategy because people will always look at the top right side of the screen in search of the shopping cart as it was there in their earlier online shopping experience. Changing that icon can cause some difficulties. In online shopping, a shopping cart is a software that enables you to deposit the products you want, review them to make adjustments in quantity and finally you can also remove if you think you don’t want to buy that product. The shopping cart should be installed with advanced features and should be easy for the customers to use.

Shopping Cart

Payment Gateway Integration: You have to select a method for the customers to make payment. So you should do it according to the comfortability of your customers. If customers feel any difficulty in your payment system, that may even lead to the loss of interest of the customers towards your company. So the selection of the payment method should be done carefully. Both online payment and offline payment methods should be incorporated.

Shipping Integration:  An online shopping process will be completed only after the perfect shipping. So this process should be integrated with a standard fashion. If there is any issue with your shipping system, it will affect your business badly.

Customer Account: This option helps customers to register in your business so that he/she can view all the details of your products easily and can perform shopping with great flexibility once logged into the site. Also, don’t forget to provide options to register using Facebook and Gmail that will make the registration process so simple for the customers. If this option is having any issue, then customers will not show that passion and interest to register. So this process should be done with great perfection.

Register as Seller: Here, anyone can register as a seller and all the features required for a good seller should be provided in this option. So he/she can view those features and can decide whether to register or not.

General Features: The front end should also include some general features and those are listed below:

  • Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • Facebook Marketing Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • SEO Optimization


E-Commerce, the process of buying any product online. What you have to do is just take your device, open the required site and you are just one click away from acquiring the product you want. Yes, the process is so simple. But, behind this simplicity, there are many steps and risks undertaken. That’s what we are discussing in the three blogs including this. Check the below blogs if you missed it.

  1. Introduction to Plan and Start an eCommerce Business in South Africa
  2. Vital Factors to Start and Run Your eCommerce Business in SA

At present, South Africa’s eCommerce is not having that reach as eCommerce has been achieved in other countries. The three main reasons for that are; the inconsistency of merchants, lack of convenient payment methods and poor delivery system. Unless these three issues are compromised, the situation will not be different in the future too. So, if you are a person who dreams of starting an eCommerce business in South Africa, then try to implement all the things that we had mentioned in the three blogs. Currently, eCommerce is having a healthy growth in South Africa and let us hope that it will be at its best in the coming future.

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