Omni Channel eCommerce – What It Is and The Best Strategies to Implement It

  By     |   March 13th, 2018

Marketing teams are burning mid-night oil to identify the channel that is bringing more traffic. There is no way to find out the consistent channel. No magic works here. Tired of the complexities, Omnichannel eCommerce paved its strong steps focusing on a consistent user experience across all marketing touchpoints.

Thinking what is it and how it will work for your good?

Let us get into details:

What is Omnichannel eCommerce?

As the name suggests, Omni channel eCommerce is a way of spreading your online entities everywhere on the web and gaining business through it. It works on single thought line; Apart from your website, social media platforms, blogging, referral marketing, directory listing, and numerous other channels can be put to work so that the sales could be maximized.

Whether the client is shopping at the online store or social media, Omnichannel eCommerce techniques ensure the dots are well connected. So it is no more a single channel, it is an ecosystem to generate higher sales. The acute focus is laid to deliver a seamless shopping experience across multiple devices and interaction points.

Omnichannel eCommerce

Omnichannel eCommerce

Today the sellers in African market are trying to find out what the potential clients buy, how much can they spend? Omni-channel is the perfect way for stores who sell both offline and online. While such stores move to platforms like Amazon and eBay, the strategies are devised to ensure the customers who are trying to make the purchase via these channels can feel the brand presence.

Decoding the purchase behavior of customers is a deep science. Omni-channel eCommerce is a promising way to implement the data-driven strategy.

Strategy 1 – Website That Covers Most of Your Services

Make your clients feel you have everything covered for them while they browse through the eCommerce store. Ensuring all your prime services are covered in the website creates a confidence in the lead. Take the omni-channel ecommerce thing a little seriously and ensure every aspect of customer need must be covered.

There is a thin line that needs to be taken care of. Your website must reflect as a Global organization trying to interact with the audience. Let us not limit the services list just to the websites, keep your social media pages also in sync.

Strategy 2 – Responsive Website Potential

Omnichannel marketing success is largely driven by mobile traffic. Comparing the desktop version vs mobile version, there is still a huge gap. If your website is not an optimized form of the desktop version, all your Omnichannel marketing efforts go for a toss.

It is a challenge to keep the mobile website fully featured on those tiny screens. The website loading time, topography and image size becomes important to keep the user experience at its best. The brutal fact is by ignoring the responsiveness of your website, you are feeding the traffic to competitors.

Strategy 3 – Run Intuitive Website and Apps

For once, let us not concentrate only on conversion and look for more into customer experience. Running a website or App that is highly intuitive nudges the customer to engage better. He may even refer the App to someone just for it being so easy to use. It develops an emotional connect as the users do not feel frustrated.

Effectively, the App or website must make the customers life easy. He must be able to order things on the go and must be allowed to save the orders to be confirmed later. Easy navigation does a great job to make you a popular brand.

Strategy 4 – Effective Use of Discounts

Offering digital coupons to the targeted customers lead to higher conversions. Surveys have proved that a pondering customer will buy the products hands down if you offer discounts. Go beyond covering the entire website into a blanket of flat discount. Focus on each section so that the results are target driven. A few good tricks are:

  • Offer suggestions in the cart, in-cart discounts on multi-buys or free shipping on threshold cart value.
  • Channelizing more conversion by offering discounts on minimum cart values.
  • Offering gifts or discount coupons, cash back along with the current purchase nudges the customer to make instant buys.
  • Buy one get one free is the good way to generate more conversions as you will sell in volumes.

Letting the cat out of the bag – Discounts will give you more referral customers.


Omnichannel marketing is the new age revolution to bring in more conversion. It is there to stay as it is an honest way of developing a deep-rooted connection with the customers. The strategies around it are evolving and are molded to enhance customer and business interaction and personalization feel.

eCommerce Web Kart

eCommerce Web Kart

The tactics are so varied and the best part is business is already familiar to them; it’s the time to implement them in the real online world. For example -We often see eCommerce websites offering buying guides, which offers hand holding to customers to make the best purchase.

Being consistent on the Omnichannel marketing channel will ensure you see the results very soon. It might sound an extra work and would require specialized help from organizations that excel in the field. Well strategized Omnichannel eCommerce tactics will pay off soon.

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