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Are you a seller? – Then you must heard about Online Market Places in South Africa. A live eCommerce website where sellers can sell virtually any product online and shoppers can bid for or buy almost every products in an online auction or as usual shopping format .

In Africa, Online Market places should be built by some eCommerce Website Builders South Africa to make sellers and buyers meet together for a business deal. Lwt’s discuss some of the online market places:



Oneshop is the best online store in South Africa ranked by shoppers. is a free online shopping directory where you can sell your quality product online. Oneshop assures the customers to purchase quality product safe and secure online and can rate the product too.

Oneshop enables the customers to purchase any product that is available online. All local and international brands are available in the single leading Marketplace of South Africa, Oneshop.



Shopstar a custom online store and marketplace in South Africa. The customers can both sell and purchase the products through Shopstar by paying online. shop offers a 30 days trial for using this market place before starting your online store. You don’t need to pay shopstar in this trial period.

Steps to Start Selling online:

1. Plan your online shop, how it should be.
2. Prepare Product Images and Content describing the product
3. Images of the product should be high quality to make a feel to customer
4. Register the Payment Gateways for online transactions
5. Build your Brand, Logo and design of the site to improve credibility
6. Prepare your shipping option such as postal, courier etc
7. Structure your Terms and Conditions
8. Register a custom domain to make your website more professional


Fruugo is a huge size marketplace in South Africa with more than 1000,000 happy customers. Fruugo stores a wide range of products categorized as Beauty, Health, Sports, Fashion, Electronics, Home, Garden and More at great prices.

These South African market place enables the retailers to sell their products in 32 countries and 17 languages that translate your product details.


HelloprettyHello Pretty is a famous South African marketplace for designers and artisans. This is where South Africa’s substantial showcase of handicraft products and designs. Hellopretty was founded on early 2012 with a couple of friends in South Africa. Hellopretty allows you to sell as well as purchase products like jewellery, fashion, wedding products, grooming & body products, homeware, art items for kids & babies, and a wide range of best quality products online.

By creating an online store account in , anyone can join to South Africa’s largest online craft & design community. Through this account, people can sell or purchase items online. People can also market products even without a business Websites. But instead, Hellopretty requires a Facebook or Instagram account through which the product can be showcased.



Shop and sell with one of the largest auction sites of South Africa, eBid. Meet the buyers for absolutely free of cost.eBid operates on 23 countries across the globe. Currently, has three membership levels:

1. Buyer : Completely free – for buying only;
2. Seller : Its free but requires credit/debit card verification for an occasional seller, final value fees are 3%;
3. Seller Plus: A subscription based membership at professional sellers in EBid, South Africa. This is a paid service that the seller would pay every 7, 30, 90 or 365 days or a lifetime payment. Seller Plus Member can open up to 5 online shops for free.

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