Scope of eCommerce Business in India

  By     |   October 16th, 2015

Indian eCommerce business have developed with the new innovation on the eCommerce industry. Cash on delivery is one of the such example. In the last two years, the growth of e-commerce industry in India has been stunning, there are several eCommerce options and variety of products are being offered spoiling customers for choice. By understanding the Indian shoppers personality there is a large scope of online businesses in the future.

eCommerce in India is one of the fastest growing procedure in Asia. By the detailed study, the experts predict a promising and excellent future of eCommerce in the next century. Every year number of eCommerce business grows enormously. In this post we will be focusing on the trends, opportunities and scope of eCommerce business in India.scope of ecommerce business in india

Explosive Growth

According to studies the experts says that after the US and China, India is going to be the largest eCommerce capital in the world. There are several things have lead in the explosive growth of ecommerce in India, The traffic in Flipkart and Snapdeal shows the india eCommerce growth. The shoppers are ready to buy a lot of products through online and it is clear that now customers are ready to do the transaction through online.

In India shoppers are now increasingly using their smartphone to buy products, Studies says that the eCommerce giants Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues reports that about 35% of traffic coming from mobile phones. India is the third largest internet users in the world, So it is expected to reach  millions of new shoppers in the coming years.

Smartphone Shoppers Rise Significantly

mcommerce-mobile-shoppingOver the last two years the online purchases made through mobile phones in India have increased by more than 100 per cent. Studies shows that the mobile apps makes it easier to shop, this is the main compelling reason to drive sales through smartphones. The most common payment methods used are debit card and cash, now with the mobile banking apps the transactions through mobile is very simple. The eCommerce website development company should committed to provide consumers with expedient online payment solutions that enable a more seamless shopping experience in a secure manner.


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