Scope of eCommerce Businesses in Middle-East

  By     |   October 1st, 2015

Over the last 10 years eCommerce business in the Middle East is rapidly evolving and has grown by 1500%. The online purchasing is probably emerged very quickly as one of the top in the all around the world. With the enormous growth of internet in global, the eCommerce business also flourishes all over the world especially in the Middle east.

As the growth of the internet is rapidly increasing its speed and performance attracts populations to the internet and these peoples can be able to use eCommerce services very easily and thus the eCommerce business can be easily grown their branches to the people all around the Middle east.

E Commerce Market Size is Really Large

According to the study, eCommerce payments in the middle east is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. This market is expanding significantly faster than other developing areas. There are over 110 million internet users in the Middle East and more than 30 millions are using eCommerce services now. So the scope of eCommerce businesses in Middle East is very enormous.

People in Middle East spend more than $3 million on Mobile items, Now more than $500 million would spend per day.

In 2012 about 10% of purchases in the Middle East is made through mobile or tablets and 90% through PC or Laptop. Now in 2015 about more than one third person purchases through mobile devices and else purchases through PC or Laptop.indexIn 2012 people in the Middle East spend $9 billion for shopping through online and now in 2015 it would be more than $15 billion.

In Middle East most people spend more money through online for travel tickets, An average of more than $1,521 spent per year and more than $250 for electronic products.

Mobile Shopping is exploring the day to day in all over the world, Especially in Middle East one third of the online shoppers purchase their products through mobile devices. According the study the mobile shopping gradually increased than the last three months. So we can simply assume that the scope of online shopping business would fly high more than before.

SEO is Very Important

SEO always plays an important role in increasing online sales and improving the ranking of a website. And SEO has changed dramatically in recent years. In the eCommerce market, SEO has a given a top priority for the social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and offline marketing. We know that SEO and Social Media are the two most important marketing channels in the eCommerce industry.

In Middle East, UAE is the large-scale eCommerce market. Consumers Spend over $3 billions for online businesses. With the enormous growth in internet in UAE and all over the Middle East, the eCommerce business starts thrive all over the middle east and have a great future in upcoming years.

By the study through the past years, The future of eCommerce businesses in Middle East is brighter than ever. People in the Middle East are encouraging and promising trust in online shopping and thus converting the Middle East internet users to online shoppers.

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