South Africa’s E-Commerce Slowness

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E-Commerce, the platform that is conquering the world at present and is yet to have more advancements in the coming future. E-Commerce has completely changed the concept of business all over the world. Take your personal device (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) and you are just one touch away from the product you want and you can acquire it within a respectable time. Everything you require is there in front of you. No matter where you are. This simplicity and comfortability is the main reason behind the magnificent success of E-Commerce. But still, there are some countries in the world in which E-Commerce is yet to have a terrific impact. South Africa, the rainbow nation, one of the most crucial countries in the continent of Africa, is one among them. Yes, E-Commerce businesses there are attaining a good profit but still, the slowness in the process keeps South Africa in the back foot. Why E-Commerce is slow to take off in South Africa? Let’s discuss it here.

E-Commerce Slowness

What is the reason behind the slow growth of E-Commerce in South Africa?


As mentioned above, E-Commerce is having a successful run all over the globe. But, why is it taking more time to be a success in South Africa? Let’s have a look. According to World Wide Worx, a research group, E-Commerce is at a crossroads in South Africa. E-Commerce is having a good run in South Africa but not to that extent as in other countries. To really utilize E-Commerce, the process of reinvesting by online businesses is too crucial. Anyways let’s see why E-Commerce is slow to take off in South Africa.


Inconsistency of merchants:


This is the main problem. The merchants in South Africa are not utilizing the high facilities provided by E-Commerce. This makes them inconsistent. They don’t have much idea to market effectively and are slow to come online. Another factor is that they do not have patience. Patience is a crucial asset for any business. Because at the beginning of a business, success will not come. Success can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, passion, and sincerity. In short, it will take time to reach that success. Many small start-ups come and go as they lack that patience. Poorly designed websites make the condition worse. So to overcome this issue, merchants have to invest more time and money. Without doing it, you cannot utilize E-Commerce completely.


Lack of convenient payment method:


For an E-Commerce business to be a success, an efficient and convenient payment method is a must. Lack of such a payment system can lead your business to downfall. The problem with South African E-Commerce is also the same- lack of convenient payment method. There are many payment gateways in South Africa but most are not effective whereas some other gateways exist only for a short period of time. This can lead to loss of faith and trust of customers in your E-Commerce business. So if you need to taste success in this field, a convenient and efficient payment gateway should be inculcated.


Inefficient and poor delivery system:


An online shopping process will only be completed when the product is received by the customer at the correct time without delays. If there occurs any issue with the delivery process, it can negatively affect your business. South Africa’s delivery system is inefficient and to make it worse, the system is costly too. The delivery system should be perfect, punctual and should conquer the heart of the customers. So, the current delivery system in South Africa should change or else the situation will become too bad.


South Africans interest to perform shopping in shopping centers:


This is another crucial reason for the slow growth of E-Commerce in South Africa. Most of the people in South Africa are interested to shop in shopping centers especially malls. It is evident in the survey conducted by the South Africa Council of Shopping Centers. The survey shows that the South African Shopping Center Market comes in the eighth position measured against 43 other countries.




It is true that E-Commerce is yet to pick up well in South Africa but still the overall E-Commerce is showing a nice growth with online retail rising 25% for 2018. The only matter is that E-Commerce should be utilized in all aspects like other countries do. For that, the above-mentioned defects should be cleared with perfection. Meet the best eCommerce Web design company in South Africa as the first step. Not only in E-Commerce, in any business you should be clever and must have the ability to think differently. Patience is another crucial factor that is necessary. Remember, its not money its customers who are the heart of E-Commerce business. So try to earn customers as much as possible and if you succeed in doing that, then your E-Commerce business is heading towards the right path. Let’s hope that E-Commerce will be more effective in the rainbow nation in the coming future as it has done in other countries.

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