Tips for Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform for your eCommerce Store

  By     |   October 31st, 2015

One of the most important decisions an online retailer will make is selecting the platform for their eCommerce store. Now for the entrepreneurs there are number of eCommerce solutions are available with the help of an eCommerce website development company. In this article we are discussing some top tips for choosing the right eCommerce platform for your eCommerce store and how this platform will help your eCommerce website to get the ROI and increase the sales.

When it comes to eCommerce platforms there are many options to choose. Hosted platform such as Highwire, Shopify, Magento Go and some other simple platforms. So selecting the right eCommerce platform is not an easy task we must think twice while selecting the platform.

What is your Product

Before going to select an eCommerce Platform you must have an clear idea about what are you going to sell through online. Then only you can choose the right one for your online store. For example if you have physical products to sale through online, then it is better to use the hosted ecommerce platforms like Highwire, Shopify, Magento Go. And whether you are selling digital products, then it is good to use the eCommerce platforms such as E-Junkie and DPD. Hosted and open source platforms are the best selling eCommerce platform for physical products.

Price vs Value

The another main factor when you are going to select the eCommerce factor is the budget. eCommerce platforms come with different prices. You must have a clear knowledge about your budget and you must choose the platform according to your products. Open source platforms such as Magento and WordPress allow you to use the system for free, In wordpress it needs to buy some adds-on to enhance the functionality. But hosted platforms such as Bigcommerce and Shopify charge monthly fees for their plans like the simple platforms such as E-Junkie and SendOwl.

Range of Products

Before choosing the eCommerce platform, You must have a clear idea about your range of products. Choosing a platform with unwanted features will only be a waste of money and difficult to manage your website. Large range of products with many shops required the ecommerce platform such as Magento, osCommerce and Shopify, it have lot of advanced features


When it comes to changing the appearance of the site most hosted platforms are flexible. An eCommerce platform handles the all features in the website like an integrated shopping cart, an admin control panel, an inventory control solution, store management tools, analytics, hosting solutions, many configuration options, and so on. Open source platform are more flexible, it only requires a sophisticated person to customize it.


While you are searching for the perfect eCommerce platform, first you must prefer the speed of the platform. It is the crucial factor that makes the customers to checkout from the website. If you are choosing a low speed platform with lot of features in it but customers wouldn’t prefer your website for shopping. So it is better to choose the platform which is speeder with good important features in it.

Look into Future Upgrades

You need to look into future for upgrades while selecting a platform. You must check that the platform allows you to upgrade to an advance level in future. If possible then you must check the time and cost for such upgrades. For example if you need to be upgrade your open source platform every year, it would have more cost for maintaining your site. Updating wordpress platform is a simple process with some plugins or automatic updates. When it comes to the hosted platforms, the platform upgradation are done automatically.

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