Tips to Increase Ecommerce Site Speed

  By     |   December 15th, 2015

We know that internet is growing tremendously day-by-day. People are now shopping products through online store. The wider availability of faster internet makes the people shop through eCommerce websites. Slow loading website should not perform better in the search engine. According to studies it is clear that every visitors to the eCommerce website need to load the website completely within 3 to 5 seconds. If the website loads faster, it definitely perform well in Google.

In the previous article, we discussed about the two eCommerce platform Magento vs WooCommerce. Here we are discussing about the top tips to increase eCommerce site speed. If the design of your eCommerce website is user friendly, but it takes more time to load website completely, then the customers will not shop from there. Here is some top tips to increase your eCommerce website speed:

Reduce Page Size

Try to keep your web page load time to 3 to 4 seconds. The smaller page size loads faster, so reduce the size of your page by reducing the elements sizes such as Images, Javascript, CSS. Try to avoid embedding big sized elements on your web page. Always try to balance the page speed and shoppers. Slowing down website will definitely turns losing your website customers.

Define Image Size

Define the height and width for the images in the website, it helps the browsers to understand the size of the image and the browser can create a space for the images. It will definitely helps you when you load your website again. The browser would save the image size and helps you to load the website faster than before. It also helps you to make changes in image size according to the changes in devices such as laptop, tablets or smartphones.

Compressing Data

Reducing the size of the data in the website will help you in faster loading. Use Gzip compression to reduce the size of the content in web pages, this compression is takes place on the server side. Enable the data compression in the server configuration files, Gzip is not compatible for older browsers like Internet Explorer 4 and other such older version browsers.

Optimize Ecommerce Platform

Optimize your eCommerce platform to increase the loading speed of your eCommerce website. Determine whether the ecommerce platform are providing any configuration to improve the page load time like file compression, Content delivery network and other such optimization steps to enhance the website loading speed.

Avoid Redirects

Try to avoid the redirects on your eCommerce website, redirects needs more time to load a website because each redirects is a separate requests to the server. Redirects can be takes place when your old web page URL is changed to new one these can’t be easily avoided. It can only be removed when customers have started using the new URL’s directly.

We are an eCommerce website development company in India, whose task is to develop the best eCommerce website for your business. In this article we discussed about the tips to improve the speed of an eCommerce website. If you have an opinion to improve the eCommerce website speed. Please comment now in the comment box below.

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