Top Guidelines to Develop eCommerce Websites

  By     |   December 3rd, 2015

Starting an online business is now easy with the help of an eCommerce service provider, but organizing to developing an eCommerce store is not an easy task. Before planning to starting an eCommerce website you must consider some steps to make it successful. In this blog we are going to discuss about some top guidelines to develop eCommerce websites. There are some steps to take consider while you are going to start an online store.

Organizing your fund, Making the product, Select the best eCommerce website development company, Marketing, etc. are the top steps to make to be done correctly. We already discuss about the ecommerce platform for ecommerce website and the benefits of choosing Magento for your eCommerce store. Now we are discussing about some steps to setting up an online store:

Create a Budget

One of the main thing to consider before planning to develop an eCommerce website is the budget. You must have a clear budget idea for developing an online store. Determining the cost is one of the important factor in developing and running an online businesses. You need to spend money not only to create an eCommerce website and also spend some money for its maintenance, monthly or yearly charges for eCommerce platforms, Hosting charges, etc.

Domain Name

It is clear that you need a domain and hosting before you are going to setting up any website. Select an attractive name for your online store and also make the domain name similar to the website name, whether you already have any physical store than make the domain name same as the physical store. Visit the domain registration company website test the names that you are interested in are available or choose any other attractive names. Top 3 websites selling domain names are listed below.


Web Hosting Service

Selecting an appropriate hosting service for your eCommerce website make your website flexible. Cloud based hosting services offers you the maximum flexibility and only have to pay only for the usage. There are free hosting services available but for a better and perfect online business, then you must consider paying hosting services that provide all the services you need. Choose the hosting service wisely that allows you to be successful. Top 3 companies providing hosting services are listed below. 

  1. HostGator
  2. Site5
  3. Nexcess

Payment Method

The vital section in the eCommerce website is the payment method. Choosing a payment method is one of the crucial part, if any fault occur it will definitely affect badly to your eCommerce website. Best payment options helps your customers make the payment easier and stay on your website. Easily process will help the customers to make the purchase simpler and have lot of chances to come back to website again and again. Mainly people are now using Payment gateways, Some top payment gateways available in India are listed here.

  1. CC Avenue
  2. EBS
  3. Paypal
  4. DirectPay
  5. Zaakpay
  6. Direcpay
  7. Payzippay

SSL Security

Another important thing to take in consider is security of your online store and securing the information about the customers details. Most customers are feared about the losing of their personal information. SSL is very crucial to your eCommerce website, with the help of SSL certificate you can prevent the crime like hacking and other such threats. Also this SSL certificate helps to convince the customers that your website is trusted to share their personal information.

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