Top SEO Mistakes in an Ecommerce Website

  By     |   November 21st, 2015

Optimizing the eCommerce website for SEO is one of the main thing to do before launching your eCommerce website. In the previous article we discussed about the “Important Elements of Any Successful Ecommerce Website”. To get the best SEO results from your eCommerce website, you must check the SEO issues and know how to SEO your eCommerce website to get the best visibility in the search engine pages.

In this article we are discussing about the Top SEO Mistakes in an Ecommerce Website and some seo tips to be in consider while developing an eCommerce website. If you are having a eCommerce website with so many pages, then you must consider these SEO tips to stay a step ahead with the competitors.

Product Title

It is one of the main important factor for any on-page SEO. The product title should be optimized correctly for your eCommerce website. LIke the other contents the product description should be unique and indicative. Writing a unique title for your product is not an easy task but making the most appropriate one definitely drive more sales to your eCommerce Website. Here is some tips you should take in mind before creating a product title:

  • Title should be less than 70 characters
  • Unique product title for each products
  • Indicative about the product
  • Include Keywords in the Title

Product Description

Only write unique and descriptive content for your product. Dont make the product description as blank, it will definitely affect negatively to your eCommerce website. You must know that one of the main reason behind the customers make purchasing decision is by reading the product description. Here is some tips you should take in mind before writing a product description:

  • Always create unique product description
  • Don’t copy and paste product description, It will leads to penalty from Google.
  • Don’t over stuff description.
  • Expressive about the product

Product Reviews

Studies shows that about 75% of users are looking the reviews before buying a product. If your eCommerce website has no such reviews, then it is sure that you are missing a lot of conversions. The main benefit of product reviews is it would make the product page always fresh with new reviews. These Product reviews would definitely help the new customers to get a detailed picture of the product. The products Pros and cons are also can be understand by reading the review


The url Should be clean and unique. Optimize the url for seo it would definitely help the users and search engine to make notice about your product. Try to make long tail url it would be help full for seo. And also try to include keywords in the url definitely it would be a gain for your product pages. Including keywords in the url would definitely help the ecommerce website make easily indexed in search engine and can easily rank well for the prefered keywords


In the above article we discussed about some top SEO mistakes in an ecommerce website that every entrepreneurs would neglect. Optimizing an ecommerce website for seo would definitely drive more sales to your eCommerce website. If you need any further information regarding the optimization steps and tips, We are ready to acoomplish your business needs. The complete eComemrce solution from Sagara Commerce

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