Top SEO Trends for 2016

  By     |   January 6th, 2016

SEO is the best method to drive more sales to your eCommerce websites. 2015 is over and the new year 2016 begins, So all are eagerly waiting for the new hottest trends in 2016. In this article we are discussing about the Top SEO trends for 2016 and new SEO predictions for the upcoming year. Create a new SEO strategy for your ecommerce website to get the best results ever in the search engine.

In the previous article we discussed about “Holiday Marketing Tips for ECommerce Website”. 2016 will be more excited than 2015, we know that 2015 is a mind-blowing year for SEO, here we are going to discuss about the future of SEO and the top seo trends for 2016. Here is some top trends:

Video Content

Video content is overtaking the written content, Now people are ready to spend time in watching video rather than reading the written content because video helps the user to understand more than the written content. Written content is considered as standard form and according to new trends we must use videos, Images, Infographics and other such type interesting method. The video content help the users to get more knowledge than the written content, it will help you in term of reach, engagement and effectiveness to get the ROI. Google is now observing the video ads in the SERP, In the coming years video content will be the mediators between B2C and B2B

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays mobile optimization become more important than the desktop optimization, Google has already announced that the traffic from mobile visitors and desktop visitors are relatively equal and it is predicted that mobile searches will exceed the desktop searches in the coming year, So we must primarily optimize the website for mobile than the desktop.

More Competitive Local SEO

By the studies in last two years, it is clear that the local SEO works more better in search engines, Web traffic is increasing and the business is flourishing in the search engine. Now search engines also focusing on the local SEO to get a better output. People are now working more on local SEO to attain a new and better result. New advanced local SEO marketing is the main trend in the SEO field.

Social Content

In 2016, Social content like posts and tweets would be considered as any webpage and indexed easily. We know that google has already deals with the facebook and twitter, news and posts are now very ease in these social media and now google is indexing this tweet and post like a webpage which helps the users to market their business easily through search engine.  

Interactive Content

Try to make interactive web content for a better SEO experience because content will rule in the search engine. Interactive content not only make better user experience but also have a better place in the search engine. Unique and interactive content quickly helps you to get noticed by the search engine and users can motivated through the content, Also helps you to target more customers.

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